Most volatile US stocks

Market volatility brings risk, which many traders take hoping for profits. US stocks in the list below are the most volatile in the market. They’re sorted by daily volatility and supplied with important metrics.
Change %
Rel Volume
Market cap
EPS dil
EPS dil growth
Div yield %
Analyst Rating
SSDSTStardust Power Inc.
173.90%24.47 USD+144.70%5.005 M36.73468.366 M USD−0.33 USD−214.93%0.00%Finance
Strong buy
CETUCetus Capital Acquisition Corp.
109.12%9.91 USD+80.13%1.487 M21.7738.062 M USD171.450.06 USD0.00%Finance
APVOAptevo Therapeutics Inc.
80.23%0.5810 USD+73.43%317.584 M287.704.475 M USD−99.40 USD−160.22%0.00%Health technology
Strong buy
FDMT4D Molecular Therapeutics, Inc.
73.21%18.20 USD−31.96%6.368 M11.19941.002 M USD0.00%Health technology
Strong buy
WNWMeiwu Technology Company Limited
65.59%1.28 USD+40.66%16.953 M9.873.682 M USD−6.19 USD0.00%Retail trade
BANLCBL International Limited
64.33%0.8904 USD+34.91%5.052 M544.7518.921 M USD87.290.01 USD0.00%Transportation
PAPLPineapple Financial Inc.
63.74%0.9050 USD+29.29%2.617 M7.186.582 M USD−0.31 USD−9.15%0.00%Finance
Strong buy
CYCNCyclerion Therapeutics, Inc.
56.80%3.07 USD+4.07%18.376 K2.228.321 M USD−6.50 USD+62.87%0.00%Health technology
ADTXAditxt, Inc.
56.57%2.32 USD+45.01%30.616 M596.484.625 M USD−103.14 USD+82.69%0.00%Health technology
Strong buy
SAVACassava Sciences, Inc.
52.88%9.57 USD−29.27%16.091 M6.15459.132 M USD−2.16 USD−6.04%0.00%Health technology
AMIXAutonomix Medical, Inc.
50.47%1.22 USD+15.09%33.104 M1.8022.929 M USD0.00%Health technology
LCFYLocafy Limited
50.42%6.58 USD+20.73%23.291 M4.228.398 M USD−0.65 USD+60.06%0.00%Technology services
APLMApollomics Inc.
48.05%0.2279 USD+12.82%19.802 M82.4324.764 M USD−2.80 USD0.00%Health technology
Strong buy
SHIMShimmick Corporation
47.21%3.15 USD+52.17%41.051 M109.2897.307 M USD0.00%Industrial services
STSSSharps Technology Inc.
46.78%0.2222 USD−12.73%3.64 M0.765.132 M USD−0.65 USD−31.23%0.00%Health technology
TKNOAlpha Teknova, Inc.
45.39%1.92 USD+42.22%11.873 M162.2278.381 M USD−1.05 USD+41.76%0.00%Health technology
CCGBSCrown LNG Holdings Limited
44.68%2.08 USD−24.09%1.901 M0.7418.439 M USD−0.88 USD−597.28%0.00%Miscellaneous
SONMSonim Technologies, Inc.
44.06%0.4141 USD−18.18%3.675 M5.9219.346 M USD−0.07 USD+73.67%0.00%Electronic technology
43.93%71.70 USD+31.56%87.868 K3.3847.629 M USD−1.85 USD−4,062.10%0.00%Commercial services, Inc.
43.03%1.43 USD+12.60%445.128 K1.156.836 M USD−10.01 USD+11.26%0.00%Consumer services
LLPALogistic Properties of the Americas
38.71%26.41 USD+1.58%2.766 M1.84837.454 M USD549.060.05 USD−13.95%0.00%Finance
CGAChina Green Agriculture, Inc.
37.50%2.30 USD−7.26%26.135 K3.3534.025 M USD−2.00 USD−44.33%0.00%Process industries
GRNQGreenpro Capital Corp.
37.50%1.28 USD−6.57%614.029 K0.539.62 M USD15.080.08 USD0.00%Finance
KROKronos Worldwide Inc
35.67%11.04 USD−19.06%1.325 M5.991.27 B USD−0.22 USD−181.59%5.57%Process industries
LLGVNLongeveron Inc.
35.05%3.90 USD+10.80%32.522 M1.8737.444 M USD−9.62 USD−1.16%0.00%Health technology
Strong buy
AREBAmerican Rebel Holdings, Inc.
34.75%0.9092 USD+31.77%10.629 M0.875.408 M USD−2.78 USD+85.24%0.00%Consumer non-durables
FIVEFive Below, Inc.
34.02%76.50 USD−25.05%15.724 M12.094.213 B USD14.375.32 USD+11.51%0.00%Retail trade
PBMPsyence Biomedical Ltd.
33.67%0.3890 USD−11.35%738.609 K2.465.209 M USD0.00%Health technology
ERNAEterna Therapeutics Inc.
31.91%2.02 USD−2.88%31.611 K6.0810.929 M USD−4.25 USD+25.71%0.00%Health technology
GDTCCytoMed Therapeutics Limited
30.85%2.24 USD+14.29%3.606 M1,599.4325.85 M USD−0.27 USD−53,300.00%0.00%Health technology
Strong buy
BCABBioAtla, Inc.
30.57%1.81 USD−11.71%1.55 M1.6187.09 M USD−2.49 USD+6.49%0.00%Health technology
Strong buy
PRPOPrecipio, Inc.
29.31%5.50 USD+23.87%73.742 K9.268.082 M USD−3.73 USD+59.86%0.00%Health services
ADVMAdverum Biotechnologies, Inc.
29.28%8.78 USD−1.57%2.212 M7.36182.245 M USD−10.23 USD+30.06%0.00%Health technology
Strong buy
MMLGOMicroAlgo, Inc.
28.90%2.81 USD−1.06%21.361 M3.5921.397 M USD0.00%Technology services
28.30%1.16 USD+11.06%276.173 K4.4410.894 M USD−9.04 USD+39.09%0.00%Health technology
WAVDWaveDancer, Inc.
28.00%2.35 USD+18.09%63.216 K14.634.731 M USD−0.68 USD+92.47%0.00%Technology services
AASSTAsset Entities Inc.
27.98%1.86 USD+18.47%8.806 M43.3616.91 M USD−1.88 USD−207.70%0.00%Commercial services
AEHLAntelope Enterprise Holdings Limited
27.93%3.64 USD−10.34%560.132 K0.5537.758 M USD−3.79 USD0.00%Producer manufacturing
AWHAspira Women's Health Inc.
27.91%1.39 USD−15.76%218.313 K1.0417.305 M USD−1.44 USD+91.26%0.00%Health technology
AALLRAllarity Therapeutics, Inc.
27.52%0.2040 USD+0.29%10.515 M4.255.22 M USD−599.49 USD+98.78%0.00%Health technology
27.31%4.56 USD−8.43%136.332 K1.4312.792 M USD−117.28 USD−21.60%0.00%Technology services
VIRIVirios Therapeutics, Inc.
27.28%0.2910 USD+18.78%2.294 M2.018.078 M USD−0.27 USD+70.77%0.00%Health technology
NMTCNeuroOne Medical Technologies Corporation
27.27%0.8771 USD−5.96%194.643 K3.2824.42 M USD−0.58 USD−0.64%0.00%Health technology
PPEGYPineapple Energy Inc.
26.74%1.86 USD−11.85%2.221 M0.1913.46 M USD−12.15 USD+37.18%0.00%Industrial services
OXBROxbridge Re Holdings Limited
26.46%2.80 USD+10.24%79.039 K4.8216.819 M USD−1.86 USD−754.61%0.00%Finance
MMVMultiMetaVerse Holdings Limited
26.05%0.6500 USD+16.07%3.23 M9.0521.482 M USD−0.88 USD−545.73%0.00%Consumer services
CIFRCipher Mining Inc.
25.83%6.78 USD0.00%23.266 M2.532.102 B USD140.080.05 USD0.00%Technology services
Strong buy
25.62%1.50 USD+27.12%70.837 K13.7317.513 M USD−0.10 USD−549.77%0.00%Finance
AEHRAehr Test Systems
24.95%20.61 USD+22.39%12.18 M5.34595.933 M USD18.381.12 USD+126.11%0.00%Electronic technology
TTHARTharimmune, Inc.
24.93%3.57 USD−15.40%189.62 K5.403.91 M USD−104.12 USD+61.05%0.00%Health technology
VISLVislink Technologies, Inc.
24.90%5.60 USD−5.16%145.217 K9.3213.699 M USD−3.48 USD+34.60%0.00%Distribution services
Strong buy
SILOSilo Pharma, Inc.
24.27%2.25 USD−5.86%9.569 M0.548.295 M USD−1.20 USD+26.71%0.00%Health technology
ZZONECleanCore Solutions Inc.
24.14%1.98 USD−3.41%26.397 K0.99Distribution services
CCNTMConnectM Technology Solutions, Inc.
24.09%2.49 USD+4.62%1.061 M23.524 M USD−2.26 USD−509.02%0.00%Finance
CPOPPop Culture Group Co., Ltd
24.08%1.58 USD+11.27%648.703 K0.646.224 M USD−1.79 USD−1,754.68%0.00%Commercial services
SOWGSow Good Inc.
23.85%19.52 USD−11.35%182.833 K1.54197.98 M USD−0.35 USD+85.86%0.00%Consumer non-durables
Strong buy
ILAGIntelligent Living Application Group Inc.
23.34%0.7100 USD+16.85%319.149 K1.7512.823 M USD−0.19 USD−152.47%0.00%Consumer durables
WATTEnergous Corporation
23.33%1.0000 USD−8.26%140.135 K4.326.542 M USD−3.70 USD+43.68%0.00%Electronic technology
Strong buy
WTOUTime Limited
23.18%0.9900 USD+1.60%191.277 K0.8218.085 M USD0.00%Electronic technology
DNAGinkgo Bioworks Holdings, Inc.
23.10%0.3323 USD−5.06%68.52 M1.20741.71 M USD−0.43 USD+57.60%0.00%Health services
GOSSGossamer Bio, Inc.
22.79%1.09 USD−12.80%2.709 M1.22246.578 M USD−1.05 USD+57.87%0.00%Health technology
TIVCTivic Health Systems, Inc.
22.53%0.3733 USD+2.25%1.558 M11.462.308 M USD−11.18 USD+87.83%0.00%Health technology
22.42%1.66 USD−0.60%50.93 K8.116.945 M USD−5.93 USD+23.38%0.00%Consumer services
ABVCABVC BioPharma, Inc.
22.36%0.9300 USD+17.71%998.019 K22.7511.208 M USD−2.30 USD+39.13%0.00%Health technology
LAZRLuminar Technologies, Inc.
22.16%1.87 USD−13.02%14.106 M1.99833.316 M USD−1.37 USD+1.57%0.00%Producer manufacturing
GGSUNGolden Sun Health Technology Group Limited
21.84%6.85 USD+1.63%14.766 K0.7837.919 M USD0.00%Commercial services
DATSDatChat, Inc.
21.47%1.94 USD+4.30%1.779 M0.315.838 M USD−3.31 USD+39.76%0.00%Technology services
APMAptorum Group Limited
21.41%3.84 USD−10.90%37.078 K1.9519.898 M USD−0.91 USD+87.35%0.00%Health technology
CONNConn's, Inc.
21.25%0.6788 USD−3.03%872.913 K1.0416.893 M USD−3.22 USD−29.15%0.00%Retail trade
Strong buy
EEIQEpicQuest Education Group International Limited
21.21%1.0000 USD+3.09%13.401 K3.5012.398 M USD0.00%Commercial services
AUUDAuddia Inc.
21.05%1.38 USD+14.05%310.184 K3.923.856 M USD−11.07 USD+23.58%0.00%Technology services
EAFGrafTech International Ltd.
21.05%0.9989 USD−8.36%5.615 M2.54256.884 M USD−1.08 USD−211.11%0.92%Producer manufacturing
VCNXVaccinex, Inc.
20.47%6.75 USD+12.50%337.062 K16.6910.694 M USD−46.45 USD+50.61%0.00%Health technology
20.35%1.80 USD−5.03%189.995 K4.5310.239 M USD−3.19 USD+71.07%0.00%Health technology
Strong buy
NRSNNeuroSense Therapeutics Ltd.
20.34%0.7877 USD−10.34%670.022 K1.0914.208 M USD−0.87 USD+24.83%0.00%Health technology
Strong buy
MCRBSeres Therapeutics, Inc.
20.16%1.48 USD+16.54%11.833 M2.49224.143 M USD−0.61 USD+73.62%0.00%Health technology
ISPCiSpecimen Inc.
20.11%0.3090 USD+1.15%1.379 M0.234.04 M USD−1.27 USD−10.17%0.00%Commercial services
ORICOric Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
20.08%10.22 USD−7.01%952.484 K1.30689.056 M USD−1.81 USD+17.36%0.00%Health technology
Strong buy
IPDNProfessional Diversity Network, Inc.
20.00%0.5159 USD+5.29%163.621 K4.596.024 M USD−0.37 USD−15.79%0.00%Commercial services
PRLDPrelude Therapeutics Incorporated
19.93%6.21 USD−0.08%448.068 K2.95340.838 M USD−2.01 USD+15.83%0.00%Health technology
CCYNCyngn Inc.
19.80%6.75 USD−7.15%613.798 K0.159.554 M USD−49.65 USD+14.43%0.00%Technology services
Strong buy
SRFMSurf Air Mobility Inc.
19.71%0.3334 USD−16.23%1.09 M2.8929.088 M USD−3.59 USD0.00%Transportation
ALSAAlpha Star Acquisition Corporation
19.67%11.55 USD+10.53%16.774 K0.5266.338 M USD31.770.36 USD+382.87%0.00%Finance
SRMSRM Entertainment, Inc.
19.66%1.39 USD+11.20%151.077 K2.3014.13 M USD−0.40 USD−1,781.59%0.00%Consumer durables
BFRGBullfrog AI Holdings, Inc.
19.62%2.68 USD−11.26%187.854 K0.2921.04 M USD−0.92 USD−39.30%0.00%Technology services
CCJETChijet Motor Company, Inc.
19.46%4.60 USD−3.77%66.778 K0.5624.642 M USD−13.02 USD−1,456.04%0.00%Consumer durables
VWEVintage Wine Estates, Inc.
19.42%0.1360 USD−2.37%3.164 M1.548.543 M USD−2.32 USD+11.31%0.00%Consumer non-durables
AATNF180 Life Sciences Corp.
19.37%2.33 USD+0.43%173.747 K0.052.194 M USD−41.87 USD+89.71%0.00%Health technology
PETWag! Group Co.
19.23%1.32 USD−14.84%687.614 K8.4153.619 M USD−0.35 USD+80.32%0.00%Commercial services
Strong buy
GMGIGolden Matrix Group, Inc.
19.23%2.67 USD−3.61%172.183 K1.23322.541 M USD−0.02 USD+58.60%0.00%Technology services
AEONAEON Biopharma, Inc.
19.17%2.64 USD−7.69%2.018 M0.21103.283 M USD−4.14 USD−4,975.41%0.00%Health technology
Strong buy
AURAurora Innovation, Inc.
19.08%4.32 USD−12.37%17.537 M1.586.707 B USD−0.55 USD+65.82%0.00%Technology services
VVSMEVS Media Holdings Limited
18.95%2.11 USD−6.64%401.559 K0.9210.481 M USD0.00%Commercial services
LSFLaird Superfood, Inc.
18.62%4.04 USD−9.21%176.43 K1.6740.294 M USD−0.76 USD+77.14%0.00%Consumer non-durables
Strong buy
CAUDCollective Audience, Inc.
18.60%0.4320 USD−3.68%249.365 K2.887.008 M USD−0.80 USD−6.15%0.00%Commercial services
SSLRXSalarius Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
18.60%1.53 USD−1.29%168.269 K0.46913.493 K USD−21.72 USD+80.15%0.00%Health technology
QUREuniQure N.V.
18.59%8.47 USD−8.03%3.004 M0.22411.214 M USD−6.20 USD−85.41%0.00%Health technology
TERNTerns Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
18.52%9.64 USD−0.62%2.348 M1.74623.488 M USD−1.26 USD+20.62%0.00%Health technology
SISIShineco, Inc.
18.48%1.01 USD−7.34%3.842 M1.0911.355 M USD0.00%Process industries
TPCSTechPrecision Corporation
18.46%3.37 USD−9.41%49.826 K4.0030.658 M USD−0.34 USD−384.20%0.00%Producer manufacturing